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2.0 Philosophy Of The Mind

1. Ism's of the mind.

The philosophy of the mind is a branch of philosophy concerned with questions about how the mind works. What are the differences between the mind and the body? What is consciousness, and what causes it? How can you study the mind? How do we recognize things? It debates these and a thousand other really deep questions. Over the course of human history there have been a number of different theories about how the mind works. However, I will only focus on a few of the most influential ones. I am writing this section mainly to familiarize the reader with some of these different ideas so that I can try and explain what it is I believe, why I believe it, and how this relates to the research I am attempting. This stuff is kind of heavy. And if you are not interested in it, it can be boring as well. So if you really just want to learn more about the actual insect simulator project then feel free to skip over this section.

2. Section Overview

Each page in this section will be focused on a different major philosophy that has arisen concerning the study of the mind. One thing to notice is that the theories sometimes grow through evolution, and other times through revolution. For instance, modern versions of strong Artificial Intelligence and functionalism slowly evolved from a number of predecessors. But the whole field of functionalism was a revolutionary change primarily aimed against ideas like behaviorism. Some of these ideas seem sensible, others are deceptively alluring, and others are just downright bizarre. But we do gain something from all of them, even it is just the fact that it spurs people to disprove them or think of new and better theories.

 2.Philosophy Of The Mind
  2.5Cognitive Science
  2.6Biological Realism
  2.7Neural Darwinism

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